LCS Nursery is for newborns to 2-year-olds. Upon arriving to the nursery, located in Henry Hall, a volunteer will sign your child in and give you a pager. That pager will vibrate if for any reason your child needs you. We ensure your child will be surrounded with an environment of love, fun, and Jesus.


LCS Kids is for ages 3-12. Our kids have their own service in Henry Hall while our adults have service in the Worship Center. Check in begins at 10:45 AM. Because safety is our number one priority, once you enter Henry Hall, you will be greeted by a volunteer who will sign your child in, give them a sticker with their name and a number, and you will receive a matching Guardian sticker with their same number on it. When you return to pick your child up, we will match your sticker with theirs and then release them to you. Your child will have a great opportunity to make new friends, have lots of fun, and learn about the power and love of Jesus.


We believe it is very important to reach the younger generation. At Remedyouth, we provide a safe environment for teenagers to be themselves, learn about Jesus, and have a blast! We meet every Sundays at4:00 pm. 


At Real Ladies Ministry, we believe connection is the key to a stronger life! We know that life can take a lot out of you, and we believe that you need a safe place to come be yourself, be encouraged, and have some fun. Our mission is to be REAL- to Reach a younger generation, to Equip ladies to be all that Christ created them to be, to be Authentic by learning to be your 100% true self, and Loving unconditionally and accepting yourself and others.

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