We Exist to Lead people to life through

Loving, Connecting and Serving.

We believe that our lives become better and stronger by: Loving God and having a consistent relationship through Jesus, connecting with people at our church, in our community, and at our jobs, and serving others around us.

Assemblies of God

Meet the PASTOR

Steven & Nikki Hedgecoth have been serving at Stockbridge Assembly for 24 years. Both served as volunteers in different ministries and 9 years as youth pastors and the last 9 as lead pastors. They have been married for 24 years and love their family. Jordan & Aaron Johnson, Connor and Cole.  

Meet the leadership Team

  • Assistant Pastors

    Pastor David Clark, George Encinias, Charles Gray

  • Elders

    Bill Adams

  • Board Of Trustees

    Venita Gray, DeAniss Dean, Pam Baylin, Bernardo Buttler.