Love God

With all your heart, mind, and soul. Not compartmentalizing God. Allowing your love for Him to show in every area of your life.

Worshipful Attitude

  • Your Life reflects what you worship
  • Romans 12:1&2
    • Worship is about a life given to God


  • Shifted Life - Live different than the world
  • Seeking Life - Seek truth
    • John 8:32
    • You have to know the truth to be set free.
  • Submitted Life - Submit to the new truth - Obedience
    • James 4:7
    • Your best defense against satan is submitting t God's truth 


Giving Attitude

  • We reflect the character of God in our giving.
  • Proverbs 3:9

Giving is a spiritual decision.

Giving fights three mindsets

  • Mine Mindset - Driven by selfishness. Its mine!
  • Lack Mindset - There will never be enough so you hoard. Driven by fear 
  • Consumer Mindset - Always wanting more. Driven by greed.

Matt 6:21

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Personal Growth Attitude

Spiritual growth is not separate from personal growth.

Eph. 4:14-15

  • Use the tools provided to grow.
    • Daily Bible Reading
    • Daily Prayer
    • Forgiveness
    • Not depending just on a Sunday gathering but responsibility for personal growth.
  • Col 1:10 - Faithfulness proceeds Fruitfulness