Our Mission

Love. Connect. Serve.

We believe that our lives become better and stronger by: Loving God and having a consistent relationship through Jesus, connecting with people at our church, in our community, and at our jobs, and serving others around us.

Assemblies of God

Meet the PASTOR

Steven & Nikki Hedgecoth have been serving at Stockbridge Assembly for 24 years. Both served as volunteers in different ministries and Nine years as youth pastors and the last nine as lead pastors. They have been married for 24 years and love there family. Jordan & Aaron Johnson, Connor and Cole.  

Meet the leadership Team

  • Assistant Pastors

    Pastor David Clark, George Encinas, Charles Gray

  • Elders

    Pastor Emile Abitor

  • Board Of Trustees

    Venita Gray, DeAniss Dean, Pam Baylin, Bill Adams, Bernordo Buttler.